Sunday, October 14, 2018

Why #8

8) Use it as a vehicle to expand artist opportunities.

One goal is to have every winner (and later down the road, every nominee) be guaranteed a slot at a regional festival. For example, bluegrass winner secures spot at major area bluegrass festival; rock winner secures slot at rock festival; jazz winner secures slot at jazz festival.

Forecastle, KY State Fair, Masters Musician Festival, Bourbon & Beyond, Blues Between the Bridges, Festival of the Bluegrass, Abby Road on the River, Great American Brass Band Festival....and on and on and on......these are all area festivals we'd like to work with and we are actively pursuing working relationships with these folks.

We're hoping word of this spreads and festival organizers contact us with options, but we'll also be reaching out when we are able (or YOU can reach out and ask them to contact us!).

We'd like to secure these gigs (and, hopefully, make them PAY gigs) for every single category.

And then we'd like to find an analog for the other categories, also. For example, recipient of the Jay Flippin Music Educator award would teach a workshop related to their instrument (free to the public, paid for by the Lexi Awards). Or the recipient of the Instrument Repair award teach a workshop on instrument maintenance and home repair (again, free to the public, paid for by Lexi Awards).

Any assistance here is greatly appreciated!

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