Sunday, October 14, 2018

Why #10

10) Use it as a vehicle to "raise all boats".

That is, no one working in music today should be making 1985 pay rates. Not the venues, not the players, not the agents, not the sound techs, not the recording engineers.... Let's fix this.

We'd all like to see everyone be more successful (in every way, including financially), from the venues (who run razor thin margins trying to open stages to solo artists and full ensembles) to sound techs (who regularly put in extra - and unbilled - hours to make both venue and performer sound the best they possibly can) to retail shops (who also run on razor margins so they can provide musicians with the tools they need) to performers (who all too often spend more than they make preparing for, traveling to & from, and playing the gig) and on and on down the line....all the way to the music lover who treks out on a work night to support their favorite venue or performer (who needs, if they are to continue to support live music, the very best bang they can get for their buck).

In essence, we want every link of the chain that is our music community to be more successful by every possible metric - from happiness quotient to financial return.

And we want to be a positive part of the solution.

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