Monday, January 29, 2024

All Performers at Lexi Music Awards by Year!

Below is a list of all performers at the Lexington Music Awards by year!

A complete list of all Lifetime Achievement Awards can be found HERE.

Miles Olsand (anthem)
Bob Bryant Band
Serena Hutchens
Phoebe White
Tripp Bratton's M'Power Rhythm

house band: Mojo Tones

The Wallace Sisters (national anthem)
Devine Carama & JK-47
Trippin' Roots

house band: The Mojo Tones

Paul M. Osborne (national anthem)
Rags and Riches
The Wallace Sisters
house band: The Mojo Tones


no music - private ceremony of only a few awards due to COVID

Phoebe White
Liza Binford & Vanessa Davis
LaFayette HS Drum Line
Ivy Rye
Whit Whitaker was replaced by Kristy Kirsh due to illness
house band: The Mojo Tones

Kallie Settles (pre-show)

La'Shelle Allen
Rachel Crowe (with Jonathan New & Kenneth Meredith)
Emily Woxihara
Taylor C. Hughes Herbert & Taylor Austin Dye (backed by Paulie Felice)
Lisa Osland & Michaelle Perros
miss Phoebe White 

house band: Ray's Music Exchange. 

preshow by miss Aisley Stuebs.


house band: Ray's Music Exchange

Jessie Laine Powel (anthem)
Hip-Hop Summit: Devine Carama, Rayul, Hallelujah the Don
Osland/Dailey Jazztet
Avery Crabtree
Apotheosis Percussion Duo
Beth Dean 
Sara Holroyd Singers

house band: Twiggenberries

Alan Robinson (anthem)
Sydney Cubit, Rhyan Sinclair, Jeana Pillion (w/ Thomas Suggs)
Blues Harp Summit: Ronn Crowder, David Harrod, G-Busy (Greg Thomerson), Goose Marshall
KY United Pipes & Drums
Hip-Hop Collab w/ Devine Carama, Hybrid the Rapper, Hendrick Floyd

House band: Twiggenberries

Miles Osland
Ben Lacy w/ Alan McKenzie
Blakely Burger & Lucy Becker (w/Fred Kearns)
Heather Parrish w/ Palmer Tolly

Peter J Felice (pre-recorded theme music)
Donald Mason (pre-recorded style themes)

A List of All Lifetime Achievement Recipients by Year

A complete list of ALL the Lexi Music Award Lifetime Achievement Award recipients, by year!

List of performers by year is HERE.

Tripp Bratton
Devine Carama
Lee Carroll
JK "JK 47" Wyche

Les McCann
Jessie Laine Powell
Les Campbell
Ron Browning

Dr. Kevin Holm-Hudson
Paul M. Osborne
Todd Copeland

Les Taylor
Wallace "Gator" Harrison
Tom Martin
Walter Tunis

LaFayette HS Marching Band
Tony Briggs (Vale of Tears, & more)
Ed Commons (Red Barn Radio)
Everett McCorvey (UK Opera)

Greg Austin
William Harry Clarke
Jarrod Figgs
Caroll Hall
Jeff Hood

Montgomery Gentry
Sara Holroyd

complete list????

Dwight Yokem
Nick Lawrence
Homer Ledford
Gail Wynters
John Michael Montgomery

J.P. Pennington
J.D. Crowe
Ricky Skaggs
McLain Family Band
Vince DiMartino

Michael Johnathon
Jay Flippin
Bill Monroe
Loretta Lynn

Monday, January 22, 2024

...and the 10th Lexi Music Awards Nominees Are...

...and with another HUGE thanx to our sponsors (without whom this event wouldn't be a reality), The Botany Bay, Highbridge Springs Water, Ale-8-One, Three Chord Bourbon, Feels Right, and Goodwood Brewing (with nod to our small private donors, also), our media partner WLEX-TV, and our event partner Lyric Theatre, I'm honored to announce the nominees for the 10th Lexi Music Awards!

Looking forward to seeing you ALL at the gorgeous Lyric Theatre, Sunday, March 3, 2024, at 6pm!

NOMINEES - please send your email contact (with your name/band/org) to so you get all the info!

INDUSTRY awards nominees

Venue of the Year
Austin City Saloon 
The Burl
Manchester Music Hall
Proud Mary BBQ

Music Store
Doowop Shop - Lexington
Drum Center of Lexington
Earl Brooks Music Center (Somerset)
Willis Music - Lexington

Music Company
Black Mountain Management
CD Central
Indie Artist Booking & Management
Overtones/Listen Locally

Recording Studio/Engineer/Producer
Austin Jones - Burgundy Box
Chris Wheeler - Anagram Media
Jason Groves - Sneak Attack
April Edwards - Raven Records

Live Sound Tech
Mike Hulliger
Wallace "Gator" Harrison
Nolan Dunn
Matthew Florez

Radio DJ
Adam Banks - WLXU
Kenny C Cummings - TMV Cafe
"Deadair" Dennis Dillon 
Deidre Ransdell - WVLK

Gear Repair
Don Brandenberg
Frazzell Guitars
Isaac Bane 
Willcutt Guitars 

Jay Flippin Music Educator Award
Tripp Bratton 
Vanessa Davis
Trish Torline
Paulie Felice

PERFORMANCE awards nominees

Female Vocal
Dolly Burnett
Taylor Hughes
Trish Torline
Vanessa Davis

Male Vocal
Cam Davis 
Kevin Kross
Tanner Whitt
Jeremy Zeller

Bass Guitar
Justin Conn
Tom Covello
Jackson Ward
Dalton Rose

Kirby Davis
Jacob O'Donnell
Matthew Polashek
Jordan Robson

Ned Bellau
Tripp Bratton
Blake Phelps
Peyton Whitt

Lee Carroll
Raleigh Dailey
Andrew Moore
Steven Miller

Strings (including pedal steel, madolin, etc)
Lucy Becker
Maggie Lander
Emily Miller
Logan Henry

Ben Lacy Guitar Excellence Award
Tanner Blevins
Gabe Crockett
Stephen Lynch
Connor Wilson

STYLE awards nominees

Katie Burkhardt 
Anthony Joe Highley
D. Boone Pittman & the Fugitives
Jeremy Zeller

EKU Bluegrass Ensemble
Goodwin Brothers
Mama Said String Band
McLain Family Band

TeeDee Young Blues Excellence Award
Rachel Crowe
Robert Frahm
Treyvon King
Dane Sadler

EKU Guitar Ensemble
Keith McCutchen
UK Symphony Orchestra
Whit Whitaker

Blacktop Rodeo
Cody Lee Meece
Paint Creek
Taylor Hughes

Boogie G & the Titanics
Honey Child 
Martia Gill
Rob Dread & the KMA

Slyme Bucci
Kevin Kross
StarBookie Msp
Tony Wavy

Jazz/Latin/Big Band/World
Big Sugg &The Jazz Funkers
Lee Carroll's C The Beat
Enrique Gonzales & No Rulez Banda
The MetroGnomes Big Band

Graveyard Romeos
Gravel Switch 
Storm Toker
Taylor Road

Andrew Moore & Hooch
Rags & Riches
Shantelly Lace 
Vinyl Richie

Ciggy Tuna

Bedford Band
Five Below Band
Mojo Thunder
Wicked Peace

Vanessa Davis
Anthony Joe Highley
Taylor Hughes
Kevin Kross
Trish Torline
Jeremy Zeller

Andrew Moore & Hooch
Five Below Band
Second Hand News
Vinyl Richie

SPECIALS awards nominees

Song of the Year
"Anxiety" - Kevin Kross
"B-List Celebrity" - Vanessa Davis
"Girl's Night Out" - Trish Torline
"Hey Dad" - Andrew Moore & Hooch
"Holiday" Rags & Riches
"Jesus & Jail" - Taylor Hughes

Album of the Year
"Anxious Always" - Kevin Kross
"I Need a Holiday" - Rags & Riches
"Resurrection Noise" - D. Boone Pittman & the Fugitives
"The Triplets" - Vanessa Davis

Critics' Choice
Cam Clark
Bryce Ernest Taylor
Garrick Howell & John McHugh
Jeremy Zeller

Community Service
Devine Carama
Ned Bellau/Canvas
Five Below Band
Renee Collins Cobb

Lifetime Achievement

TBA soon!!