Thursday, March 12, 2015

LEXI-FEST: Live Music Community Outreach

(from the facebook group - February 26, 2015)

OUTREACH: I plan to do some LEXI Award "spin-offs", as I mentioned to several of you in person over the past few weeks. One of the major projects to keep awareness and interest in the LEXI Awards high is a series of concerts. Calling it Lexi-Fest, at the moment....and hope to have at least one outdoor mini-festival.
These are for awareness, not profit.
That said, I want the bands to make at least a little cash. I have a meeting this week to solidify a partnership with a local charity (non-music, so there would be no arguments about favoring certain areas of the music community over others) who will help promote, and will get the proceeds from the event.
The idea is for ALL the gigs to be MULTI-ARTIST and MULTI-GENRE. Lights, PA, back-line....short sets, wow factor, and press....2 to 4 hour events in multiple locations throughout the year to raise money for charity and awareness for the awards program.
Please let me know in the comments below if you or your band is interested (or, if you represent a music store, etc, in what way you'd like to lend a hand).

(from the facebook page March 12, 2015)

OUTREACH 2.0: It has hit me that I'm gonna be WAY to busy to organize ALL of these LEXI-FEST events, so I've asked for some help.
I'm going to organize one "blanket Lexington with music" day (multiple small shows in multiple locations on a single day)....AND....I'm gonna organize one fundraiser to have a program produced about the awards show and hopefully aired on KET.
The first one no money changes hands - everyone is working and playing for free. The second one we'll raise money for charity (everyone will still be working and playing for free). The third everyone is also working for free and the cash goes to the TV production company.
But this is where YOU come in.
For anyone organizing a Lexi-Fest, you'll have guidelines to follow (I'll be doing a trial run at Natasha's). But then it will be up to YOU how to split the cash. YES I'd like some of it to go to charity...but I also want to see musicians & venues & sound/light techs and everyone else get PAID for their efforts. Because you guys rock and you work hard and you worked hard to be as good as you are....and you deserve to get PAID for that.
Sooo....anyone want to organize some of these shows?