Monday, December 27, 2021

Timeline: Run-Up to Awards Day!

As this is written.....

1) Public voting wraps up late this week.

2) Pro panel is already voting and wraps by next week.

3) Early January we announce nominees.

4) January will also see us announce ticket sales, performers, lifetime achievement winners, after-party location, re-list sponsors, and make posters available. We'll also be doing the rounds via local media (radio, TV, etc), to the degree that COVID allows.

5) SUNDAY, February 6, 2022, is the awards show (6-8pm) and our after-party (which are becoming as well known as the awards - haha!) will be roughly 8:30pm until we're kicked out...but usually last a couple of hours!

6) Aside: Still gathering sponsors, but big shout to Highbridge Springs Water, Ale-8, The Botany Bay, Overheard Productions, and Three Chord Bourbon!

7) Hope to have a few surprises coming, too, thanx to our sponsors and our partners in the music industry!

Stay tuned!

Tuesday, November 30, 2021

8th Awards Public Ballot

HERE IT IS, FOLKS....the public ballot for the 8th Lexi Music Awards!

Polls are only open for a few weeks, so please vote and share!

Monday, November 15, 2021

Public Ballot & New Names

The public ballot will be launched the week of Thanksgiving (and only online for a few weeks), so keep your eyes peeled....then be ready to mobilize your friends & fan base or clients/customers to vote for you, your band, or your music business!

Also, we are dropping the title "Best...." from all categories, to be replaced by "...of the Year", which is far more consistent with our originally stated mission. So no more "Best Venue" or "Best Vocalist", but instead "Venue of the Year", "Vocalist of the Year", and the like.

Just an up-date on the process for anyone new to the Lexi Music Awards: We have a round of PUBLIC voting (this nets TWO nominees in each category) well as voting by our pro panel (an additional TWO nominees in each category)....and for the final round, once nominees are chosen, only the nominees themselves will vote for the award recipients in each category (except for the Critics' Choice Award).

The pro panel changes members every year and is always made up of a mix of folks: Performers, music educators, store management, venue owners, and the like.

Contact us with any additional questions if you can't find the answer(s) here on the blog or on the official website. Our email is

Counting down to ballot release commencing......

Monday, September 6, 2021

Lexi-Fest Band Battle

 This Sunday....winner gets a recording package and a performance slot at the 2022 Lexi Music Awards show!!

Thanx Best Buds Recording, Classic Rock 921FM, EKU Dept of Music, Highbridge Springs, Ale-8,Botany Bay, and everyone who helps this train GO!

Thursday, August 12, 2021

2021 Lexi-Fest & 2022 Music Awards Show!

DETAILS COMING SOON on the Sunday, September 12 Lexi-Fest Festival in Richmond! We'll also kick off the public ballot for voting in the 2022 Lexi Music Awards that day!

Speaking of the awards show - huge thanx to Whit and Tim for getting us back in the beautiful & historic Lyric Theatre (the event will be Sunday, Feb 6, 2022) with a return to our 30+ awards categories, musical performances, and all the pomp & circumstance this community deserves!

And now we have the honor of welcoming aboard our newest sponsoring partner for the Lexi Music Awards, THREE CHORD BOURBON! Huge thanx to Neil Giraldo and his entire 3 Chord family (especially Laura for taking all the extra time to dial things in!). We also want to welcome back Highbridge Springs Water (thanx to Linda & Roy), Ale-8 One (thanx Sheila), and The Botany Bay (thanx Ginny), as well as our media partner from day one, WLEX TV-18 - with thanx to Angie Beavin, Bill Meck, and Dave Medley.

We're still hoping to partner with a few more area businesses (brewery, fashion, vehicle sales &/or repair, etc), so please drop us a line at or contact me directly as if you or someone you know is interested in lending a hand!

I'd also like to take this opportunity to thank Max Corona & Deadair Dennis of Classic Rock 92-One, Joseph Carucci at EKU, and my partner-in-crime Angelee Feltner for all they are doing to make the 2021 Lexi-Fest a reality!


Wednesday, February 3, 2021

7th Awards Wrap & The Future

NOW THAT THE DUST HAS SETTLED....I want to again congratulate all of our nominees and our award recipients & lifetime achievement recipients, as well as every single one of you who played music, made music, kept the venues & music shops running, and more...and each and every music lover who supported the arts in such a crazy and trying time!

I also want to shout a HUGE thanx to everyone involved with the 7th LEXI MUSIC AWARDS: everyone who voted, all the artists out there doing your thing in spite of the new C-19 normal, Eric & Rachel at LeXenomics; Whit & Tim at The Lyric Theatre & Cultural Arts Center; and more!

And our sponsors! These are folks who meet me in parking lots at odd hours to make sure we get what we need and write checks or donate product or gift cards when they know we're NOT doing a show with 400 people in the audience & thousands of dollars worth of interviews & ad space/air time....and they do it anyway. They do it for love of the music community. They do it for you.

So major thanx to everyone at Highbridge Springs, Ale-8-One, & The Botany Bay! Linda & Roy & Ginny & Sheila - I owe y'all more than I can ever repay!

And showing even more than this is a HUGE team effort, I want to thank Dave Medley, Bill Meck, Angie Beavin, & everyone at well as those who always have my back: Edd MacKey & everyone at Lexington Fashion Collaborative; Marcie Timmerman & Angelee Caidyn Feltner; Ranada at Ranada’s Kitchen; and this year the amazing Bill French who showed up on a minute's notice to take photographs. 

I also leaned heavily on many for our pro panel & advisors, including David Helmers (Railbird Festival), Israel Cuenca (Latin Music Awards KY), Renee Collins Cobb (Listen Locally/Overtones), Wendy Barnett (WEKU), Whit Whitaker (Lyric Theatre), Steve Baron (CD Central), Joseph Carucci (EKU Dept of Music), Mark Royse (RadioLex 93.9FM), Joe Conkwright (WUKY), Everett McCorvey (UK dept of Music), Neal Sluder (KY Music Hall of Fame), and more!

MANY MORE people to thank...and I will soon! 

But for now - congrats again to all of you! Kick back & enjoy the afterglow. 

Tomorrow, we get busy again!!!

Busy with what? Working with LEX-18 to get the video available for everyone....working with the Lyric to be ready for next year.....working with local venues to produce shows featuring amazing area talent....working with area businesses to bring more resources so that we might produce an awards show truly worthy of the talent & passion & energy displayed by everyone.....working to make the Lexi Music Awards annual show a true "red carpet event" for the entire community of Lexington & surrounding areas.....working to use the awards to leverage greater opportunities for area artists, to raise money for music education & arts charities, and so much more (read about that HERE). And maybe even planning a summer party to make up for the lack of official after-party!'s time to get busy. And if YOU would like to lend a hand, just drop me a line. We need every single one of you!

David M. McLean 

Monday, January 25, 2021

7th Lexi Music Award Recipients!

Our thanx go out to our media partner WLEX TV-18, our sponsors Highbridge Springs Water, Ale-8, and Botany Bay, and our venue partner The Lyric Theatre & Cultural Arts Center for making this possible this year! Another huge thanx to everyone who voted - fans, pro panel, and nominees!

And now, the recipients of the 7th Lexi Music Awards are.....

Critics Choice Award:

Tahlsound Music Festival

Community Service Award:

Greg Thomerson - Blues Between the Bridges

Album of the Year:

The Break - Cody Lee Meece

Song of the Year:

A Black Man's Flowers - Devine Carama

We announced our Lifetime Achievement recipients earlier (They are T

om Martin, Gator Harrison, Walter Tunis, Les Taylor
) and details for the private presentation ceremony and broadcast will be released soon!

Thank you all for your continuing support!

Thursday, January 21, 2021

Lexi Music Awards Presentation

Given our current (covid) state, as we have said already, we will NOT be having a public presentation or an after-party. So what will the course of events be?

1) We will announce ALL award recipients (not just Lifetime Achievement recipients) in advance so that they can make plans to attend the small private gathering, which we hope will be taped in some form for broadcast on one of WLEX's platforms.

2) We will make arrangements with recipients to meet to accept their awards and give a short speech for the taping/broadcast.

3) Once wrapped, we will announce the broadcast date so that anyone interested will be able to watch!

Our thanx to our media partners, our sponsors, and every single musician & music fan in the area for your continuing support!

With luck, COVID will be behind us soon and we can have a live celebration sometime this spring or summer to honor the nominees, recipients, and their family, friends, & fans.

Thank you!

Wednesday, January 13, 2021

7th Lexi Music Award LIFETIME ACHIEVEMENT Recipients!

As we do each year, we announce the Lifetime Achievement Award recipients in advance of the actual show...and this year we'll also announce the other categories in advance due to the venue restrictions. More on that - award recipients, venue, date, times, etc - very soon!

And so, it is my honor to present to you the 7th Lexi Music Awards recipients for Lifetime Achievement!

Les Taylor
Wallace "Gator" Harrison
Tom Martin
Walter Tunis

Y'all probably know Les from Exile, Gator from running sound for countless acts, Tom from WEKU, and Walter from the Herald-Leader...but there is SO much more to each of these incredible individuals! Complete bios will be coming soon!

Congratulations, gentlemen!

Wednesday, January 6, 2021

7th Lexi Music Awards Nominees Are.....

Here we go, folks! Streamlined from our 35+ categories to only 5 this year, but with YOU we're making it happen in spite of all the challenges of 2020! Thanx to all of our sponsors, our pro panel, everyone who voted, and everyone who is fighting uphill to keep the music alive!

It's my honor to present to you the nominees for the 7th Lexington Music Awards!

Song of the Year

A Black Man's Flowers - Devine Carama
Stolen Roses - Savannah Dean Reeves
Tension of the Season - Rags & Riches
Mar-a-Lago - Jockey Onassis

Album of the Year

Live Free and Die - Jockey Onassis
The United State - Justin Wells
The Break - Cody Lee Meece
Worshipping in the Wilderness - Devine Carama

Community Service Award

Open Mic at Twisted Cork
Devine Carama - Believing in Forever
Greg Thomerson - Blues Between the Bridges
Renee Collins Cobb - Listen Locally

Critic's Choice Award

Scott Whiddon
Lee Carroll
Tahlsound Music Festival
Tee Dee Young

Lifetime Achievement

To Be Announced

We'll announce the Lifetime Award recipients soon!!