Monday, February 12, 2018

Pre Wrap

I'll do a proper wrap-up soon, but just wanted to say WOW! Stunning musical performances, great hosts, presenters and guides on short, everyone involved brought their A Game.

I am humbled and proud!

Thank you Marcie Timmerman. For everything!


(edit - here's the wrap up)

Herald-Leader write up.....


Video - Troy Gentry Lifetime Achievement

Album of the year: “Silhouettes” by A Little Bit More

Song of the year: “Tried and Crucified” by Whitney Acke and Ray Adams

Critics’ choice: Italian Beaches

Community service: Twisted Cork Songwriters in the Round

Best Americana/folk: The Local Honeys

Best blues: Tee Dee Young

Best classical: Lexington Philharmonic

Best bluegrass: The Wooks

Best country: Sundy Best

Best hip-hop/rap: Devine Carama

Best jazz/Latin/big band/world: (Tie) Gayle Winters and Zach Brock

Best singer-songwriter: Whitney Acke

Best pop: Brother Smith

Best rock: Magnolia Boulevard

Best cover band/variety act: Rebel Without a Cause

Best funk/R&B/reggae: Driftwood Gypsy

Best female vocalist: Taylor Hughes

Best male vocalist: Derrick Spencer

Best drummer/percussionist: Tripp Bratton

Best guitarist: Ben Lacy

Best bassist: Bob Bryant

Best keyboardist: Raleigh Dailey

Best wind/brass: Miles Osland

Best strings: Raymond McClain

Best live music venue: The Burl

Best music store (instruments): The DooWop Shop

Best music store (CDs, etc.): Pops Resale

Best recording studio/producer/engineer: Long Island (Steve Nall)

Jay Flippin Music Educator Award: Paul Felice

Best live sound tech: Matt Florez

Best DJ (radio): DeBraun Thomas, WUKY-FM

Best instrument repair/builders/customization: Wilcutt Guitar