Sunday, December 6, 2015

Nominees for 2nd Annual Lexi Awards.....

best in industry:
best live music venue
Cosmic Charlie's
Parlay Social 
Austin City Saloon

best music store (instruments)
Willcutt Guitars
Doo Wop Shop 
Willis Music 

best music company (CD & music sales, labels, agents, arts orgs, etc)
CD Central 
Pops Resale
Fyre Entertainment
GFY Enetrtainment

best recording studio/engineer/producer
Sneak Attack Recording Studio/Jason Groves (engineer)
13 O'Clock Studio/Cory Thompson/Nik McLean (engineers/producer)
Charlies Tone Lab/Michael Vandermark (engineer)

Thursday, December 3, 2015

Press Coverage of Awards - 1st and 2nd Shows

Just figured I'd get a list of a lot of the coverage we've had thusfar.....

1st show (some directly about the awards, others mentione in story):

2nd show:

Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Friday, November 6, 2015

Ballot is On-Line NOW

The ballot for the 2nd annual Lexi Music Awards is now active and on-line!


Saturday, October 24, 2015

New Web-site!

As I post this, the site is not active....but it will be soon!

That and we're now a non-profit. Pretty cool, huh?

Thursday, October 15, 2015

Press Release 2.0


David McLean here - local guitarist & guitar instructor...and creator of the Lexington Music Awards. We're presenting the 2nd Annual Lexington Music Awards show on Sunday, January 31 at the historic Lyric Theatre!

The awards, unlike other awards shows across the country, don't just honor musicians, but the entire music community....with categories for best live venue, best DJ, best music song, best specialty categories like "community music award" and "lifetime achievement award" (over 30 categories in all).

As many of you recall from the first show, this event was to be hosted at a small venue here in Lexington with the assumption the first year we'd be lucky to put 50-75 people in the room, but that we'd demonstrate we could build a viable program and grow it from there.

The project quickly grew out of control (haha!), and we nearly sold out the Lyric Theatre back in February amid all that snow!

We're about to launch the nominations ballot, and official nominees should be announced by late November or early December.

I'd love to chat with you further about this event! Please feel free to contact me at this email address or call/text me at 859-420-2007.

Also, feel free to check in at the FB page or look at our blog. The new web-site will be on-line soon!


David M. McLean
Skinny Devil Music Lab

"....embrace your fear..."

Monday, June 29, 2015

Press Release (Lexi Mission Statements)

The LEXINGTON MUSIC AWARDS are designed to add cohesion and a true sense of community to the local & regional music scene; to help raise the "quality" bar; to educate artists and fans alike on what's going on in the whole music community; integrate Lexington into the wider (national) music scene; and much more.

The Lexi-Fest Concert Series is a spin-off of the Lexi Music Awards, designed to promote artists of all styles in the area, promote the Lexi Music Awards& it's mission, and to (in some cases) raise awareness & money for local charities.

Up-coming Lexi-Fest shows include dates at Natasha's, Cosmic Charlie's, Austin City Saloon, Proud Mary's, and more....all culminating with the 2nd Lexington Music Awards show at the historic Lyric Theatre in February 2016.

For additional info, contact Lexi Awards founder/organizer David McLean (here, on the FB awards page, or

Friday, June 26, 2015

Father's Day event "Lexi-Fest: Day of Music"

That's right.....FIVE locations in 4 central KY cities with about 2 dozen amazing artists. What an awesome day!

Here is a link to some cool photos taken at the 2 Lexington locations:

Bill Meck & David McLean at Willis Music

Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Lexi-Fest 2 THIS Weekend!!!

Our second Lexi-Fest show, featuring a diverse array of artists, promoting music & the Lexi Music Awards, and raising awareness & money for Green House17!

Live stream by Changed Planet, LLC!

Ben Lacy & Corey CrossCaroline CopleyMino SlickMiles Osland & Raleigh DaileyCarla Gover, and Mandy Ray...MC-ed by 92.1FM radio legend Max Corona....all crammed into 2 hours...for only $10!!!

Natasha's at 1pm, May 31.

Visit the FB EVENT PAGE for more details!!!

Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Lexi-Fest 1

The first Lexi-Fest show will take place Sunday, April 26 at Natasha's at 1pm.

SKINNY DEVIL MUSIC LAB and GREEN HOUSE 17 present a multi-artist and multi-genre event to promote bands, promote the LEXI Music Awards to the public & musicians, and raise money for charity!

Rock, hip-hop, reggae, blues, pop, jazz...all at ONE event?

Can't be done, you say?

Strap in - here's the line-up:

MCed by Bill Meck of WLEX

Kenny & the Jetts
Sydney Cubit
Devine Carama
Dublove Reggae Band
Heather Parrish/Palmer Tolly
RC and the NightShades

Plus a live stream care of Melissa Elliott Compton & Ben Compton!!!

FB event page here:

Thursday, March 12, 2015

LEXI-FEST: Live Music Community Outreach

(from the facebook group - February 26, 2015)

OUTREACH: I plan to do some LEXI Award "spin-offs", as I mentioned to several of you in person over the past few weeks. One of the major projects to keep awareness and interest in the LEXI Awards high is a series of concerts. Calling it Lexi-Fest, at the moment....and hope to have at least one outdoor mini-festival.
These are for awareness, not profit.
That said, I want the bands to make at least a little cash. I have a meeting this week to solidify a partnership with a local charity (non-music, so there would be no arguments about favoring certain areas of the music community over others) who will help promote, and will get the proceeds from the event.
The idea is for ALL the gigs to be MULTI-ARTIST and MULTI-GENRE. Lights, PA, back-line....short sets, wow factor, and press....2 to 4 hour events in multiple locations throughout the year to raise money for charity and awareness for the awards program.
Please let me know in the comments below if you or your band is interested (or, if you represent a music store, etc, in what way you'd like to lend a hand).

(from the facebook page March 12, 2015)

OUTREACH 2.0: It has hit me that I'm gonna be WAY to busy to organize ALL of these LEXI-FEST events, so I've asked for some help.
I'm going to organize one "blanket Lexington with music" day (multiple small shows in multiple locations on a single day)....AND....I'm gonna organize one fundraiser to have a program produced about the awards show and hopefully aired on KET.
The first one no money changes hands - everyone is working and playing for free. The second one we'll raise money for charity (everyone will still be working and playing for free). The third everyone is also working for free and the cash goes to the TV production company.
But this is where YOU come in.
For anyone organizing a Lexi-Fest, you'll have guidelines to follow (I'll be doing a trial run at Natasha's). But then it will be up to YOU how to split the cash. YES I'd like some of it to go to charity...but I also want to see musicians & venues & sound/light techs and everyone else get PAID for their efforts. Because you guys rock and you work hard and you worked hard to be as good as you are....and you deserve to get PAID for that.
Sooo....anyone want to organize some of these shows?

Saturday, February 28, 2015

As the Dust Settles, a Word of Thanx

Talking too much on stage.
Wow. Just wow. What can I say, a week after and the dust is finally settling (and almost all the bills paid)?

And where do we go from here?

And what do we do next year?

I've been thinking about all that. Here's what I've managed to keep straight in my head:

HUGE huge thanx to all of you who supported the idea of the Lexi Music Awards before there was a show...before there was a bit of press....before there was even a facebook group to help spread the word.

Thanx to all who jumped in 100% once we started to get the word out. Once we started the FB group. Once I said, "I need help".

Miles Osland opening the show with a bang!
Thanx to the press who jumped to our aid, loving the idea and willing to "go to press", go the the airwaves, utilize precious/expensive column inches and air time to allow us to share our idea.

Thanx to everyone who got involved in the discussions (some pretty heated) both in public and behind the scenes to help us carve this idea into reality. To those who had time or made time to make a call, or send an email, or hook us up with a deal to keep expenses manageable. To those who gave their energy, their time, their money to help make this bird fly.

To each and every one of you who braved the weather to make the show (and to those who tried but were trapped behind the snow and ice).

To Heather Parrish for everything; to Donald Mason for all the ideas and helping secure the Lyric; to Peter J. Felice for the amazing original music to start and end the program.

To that handful of people who came to our face-to-face meeting, and to Miles Osland, Blakeley Burger, Lucy Becker, Fred Kearns, Tripp Bratton and his amazing ensemble, Ben Lacy & Alan McKenzie, Palmer Tolly and Heather, who all agreed to perform before we even secured the venue.

Thursday, February 26, 2015

Media Collection

Stories (in no particular order) covering the event:

More to come.....including another WUKY interview (with Nick Lawrence) and interview clips with Max Corona on WBVX.


You Can Only Imagine:

Kay Foley:

Reda Floyd:

Plus video clips (cell phone cams, etc):

MJ lifetime achievement:

Stickmen performance:

Monday, February 23, 2015

...and the Award Recipients are....

Please note I did not use the term "...and the winners are...". I think we all know EVERYONE was a winner last night.

Soooo...the inaugural LEXI Music Award award recipients are:


best live venue
Natasha's Bar & Bistro

best music store
Doo Wop Shop

best music company
CD Central

best recording studio / engineer
Sneak Attack / Jason Groves

Jay Flippin Music Educator Award
Paul Felice

best live sound tech
Phillip Osborne

best radio DJ
Joe Conkwright - WUKY

best gear repair/customization/builders
Willcutt Guitars


best Americana/Folk
Michael Johnathon

best Blues
Tee Dee Young

best classical
Lexington Philharmonic

best Country/Bluegrass
Scott Said & Backroads

best Funk/R&B/Reggae
G-Funk Allstars

best Hip Hop/Rap
Hybrid the Rapper

best Jazz/World
DOJO (DiMartino-Osland Jazz Orchestra)

best Pop
Sydney Cubit

best Rock
All The Little Pieces

best Singer-Songwriter
Maggie Lander

best Cover Band
See Alice

Song of the Year
"Black Horses" - Avery Crabtree and Josh Brock


best Female Vocal
Mandy Reichert

best Male Vocal
Vincent Grino

best Drummer/Percussionist
Vincent Grino

best Guitar
Ben Lacy

best Bass
Jason Groves

best Keyboard
Kevin Holm-Hudson

best Brass/Winds
Miles Osland

best Strings
Ben Solee


Community Service Award
Woodsongs All-Volunteer Crew

Lifetime Achievement Award recipients:
Michael Johnathon

Jay Flippin

Bill Monroe

Loretta Lynn

Sunday, February 22, 2015

No, Thank YOU!

Just wanted to take a moment to thank everyone who has lent a helping hand for their continued support and patience throughout this...the building of something new. With all its imperfections, false starts, trips-n-stumbles (and these imperfections are 100% on me) - the vast majority of of the response has been overwhelmingly positive.

I just wanna say that something like this isn't something anyone does alone. Anyone. Even Bill Gates - he'd just write a lot of checks to make it happen, but he'd still rely on others to get it done.

And no one here is getting paid to lend a hand (though we're writing a lot of checks - hahaha!).

So, to EVERYONE involved: My sincerest thanx for making this thing real.

See y'all in a few hours.

Saturday, February 21, 2015

T-minus 24 Hours and Counting...Down!

Well, a week ago the weather turned sour...shut Lexington down but good Monday, Tuesday, & Wednesday...with schools out Thursday & Friday, too.

Today is Saturday and I'm inundated with calls, texts, emails, facebooks PMs, and the like....."Are we cancelling? Are we postponing? Will the show go on as planned?"

I can't find the words to express what a feat of trickery and balance it is to coordinate getting all these performers, presenters, and nominees together on ONE day at ONE time. Performers like Tripp and Ben and Miles often gig Sundays, too....about 25% of the nominees won't be present because they have other gigs....presenters like Laura Kirkpatrick (the supermodel from TV who lives in Mexico City, but happened to have scheduled a visit with her parents this weekend and so was available) or Drew Curtis (the "" wizard, founder and CEO of Fark.Com who is also running for governor of the state who just happened to be available this weekend, but is usually not).....

Not to mention the ugly business side of things. Like re-printing posters and programs and whatnot, or purchasing $1,000,000 worth of event insurance for another day. And the intangibles like momentum and perception of success that can impact our ability to pull this off again.

Nope - I'm dug in like an Alabama tick (as Blain Cooper said). Unless the Lyric Theatre closes or the roads are solid ice, we're gonna do this thing.

Counting down, folks. Cross your fingers.

Friday, February 20, 2015

Lexington Music Awards: creator's small idea turned into a big deal

Lexington Music Awards
article by Walter Tunis, photo by Rich Copley
6 p.m. Feb. 22 at the Lyric Theatre and Cultural Arts Center, 300 East Third. $15. (859) 280-2218.
David McLean purposely dreamed small when introducing the Lexington Music Awards. The self-employed musician and guitar instructor designed a way for local artists to celebrate their sense of achievement and community by booking an evening at Natasha's Bistro and Bar for a ceremony, and he would have been thrilled if 50 patrons showed up.
"That's what I really thought was going to happen," McLean says. "Then the count blew up."
While McLean had ideas for a local music awards show floating about in his mind for the past five years, the idea was put into motion with a Facebook page and blog. That helped establish award categories as well as gauge public interest in such an undertaking.
"If I got 100 people together, they were going to come up with better ideas than I would on my own," McLean says. "So basically, I started a Facebook page and invited some people on. Before I knew it, it got bigger and bigger......(for the rest of the article, go to the link below)

Read more here:

Saturday, February 14, 2015

Press Release (January 30, 2015)


My name is David McLean. I'm the creator of the new Lexington Music Awards (which is designed to honor the music community not only in Lexington, KY, but the entire state of KY). I'm also the producer of the First Annual Lexington Music Awards show to be held at the historic Lyric Theater on Sunday, February 22 (6pm) in Lexington, KY.

The LEXI Music Awards (as they're also called) are designed to add cohesion and a true sense of community to the local & regional music scene; to help raise the "quality" bar; to educate artists and fans alike on what's going on in the whole music community; integrate Lexington into the wider (national) music scene; and much more.

We will be honoring all segments of the music community by presenting awards in 30 categories, from "industry" (best live venue, best music retailer, etc), "performance" (best vocal, best guitar, etc), "style" (best rock, best jazz, etc), and "special" (Community Service Award and Lifetime Achievement Awards).

The event will be MC-ed by Kristen Pflum and Bill Meck of WLEX TV-18. Special presenters include Laura Kirkpatrick (of "America's Top Model"), Drew Curtis (CEO of, and performances by jazz sax great Miles Osland, guitar wizard Ben Lacy, and more....presenter guides include Miss KY Teem 2014 Alex Francke, and others.

I'm contacting you today to announce our list of Lifetime Achievement Award winners. They are:

Michael Johnathon (special presenter Dr. Ronald Pen, UK)
Jay Flippin (special presenter Dr. M. Scott McBride, MSU)
Loretta Lynn (special presenter TBA)
Bill Monroe (special presenter Raymond McLain & Ruth McLain-Smith)

In addition, I'm pleased to announce that the "best music educator award" will be renamed the "Jay Flippin Music Educator Award" in honor of late Jay Flippin.

Please feel free to contact me for additional details.

Thank you!

WLEX TV-18 Spots

Dig it:

WUKY Interview with Joe Conkwright

Dig it:

We also did "Curtains at 8" live with Nick Lawrence (with me was event coordinator Heather Parrish and live music by Carla Gover (who is nominated in the "folk" category). If we get this one, I'll post it, too!

Chevy Chaser article!

Inaugural Lexington Music Awards aims to “bring cohesion” the Lexington’s music community


Lexington Music Awards organizers David McLean and Heather Parrish in front of the Lyric Theatre. The inaugural awards ceremony will take place Feb. 22.
On February 22, while Emmy-nominated celebrities line up on the red carpet in Los Angeles, Lexington will host its own awards ceremony honoring a unique pool of local talent that exists in and around our city.
Taking place at the Lyric Theatre, the inaugural Lexington Music Awards (or LEXI Awards, as organizers have dubbed it) will honor Lexington area musicians and music industry folks in 30 different categories, ranging from best venue to song of the year. The event is the brainchild of Lexington music teacher and musician David McLean, who said he tossed the idea for the event around for several years before deciding late last year that the timing was right to go for it.
- See more at:

Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Tickets and Budget

So, tickets are available to nominees NOW (if you're a nominee and don;t have ticket info, contact me asap at or call/text 859-420-2007).

We're about 1/10th of our way on the journey to fully funding this project.

If you'd like to make a donation as an individual or a business, please punch the link (businesses can donate any amount and there are advertising options for promo & tax purposes).


Sunday, January 11, 2015

A Post from the Past

This came out on the FB page prior to the release of the nominees. Posting here now for additional clarity.

VOTING: There has been some concern voiced by several of you (including Ben Lacy's thread) that this could end up being a simple popularity contest. There's nothing wrong with popularity contests, but that's not what we're after. So, we've taken several precautions against that.
1) I've tried my best to gear this towards a celebration of the music community, not as contest. Not so much "so and so is better than so and so", but "we'd like to take this year's opportunity to honor so and so".
2) The nominations process took place by announcing it here and elsewhere. It was open to the general public, but by far the biggest "demographic", as it were, who participated in voting were music professionals of one stripe or other. That is, musicians, music retailers, music stores, recording engineers, and others in the industry were the primary voters. NOT just the band with the most mobile fan-base.
3) The final voting is about to take place. Who will be voting? The nominees ONLY. Why? This is the last filter against the aforementioned "mobile fanbase" coming in and stealing the day.
Again, this also leaves ME (and others behind the scenes, like the wonderful Heather Parrish) out of the decision process, so there are no worries of biases or ignorance of the entire community seeping in.
Soooo....coming up: We announce the nominees THIS WEEK!!!


CLARITY: Just wanted to clear a few things up, since its popped up several times (mostly in private messages, but I wanted to respond publicly).
I am the creator of the awards AND the producer of the event. As such...
1) I am NOT eligible for any awards.
2) I do NOT vote during the nominations process.
3) I do NOT vote during the final voting process.
I'm just struggling to put this together into a show and a sustainable program for the purposes listed (above right, under "about"). YOU (musicians, fans, retailers, venues, studios, etc.) choose the nominees and will ultimately be the reason this idea succeeds.
If it fails, well...that's on me. But I have faith that the intelligence of all 670+ of you FAR exceeds any blunders I am certain to make. And have already made.
Pat yourselves on the back. YOU are the real driving force. I'm mostly just organizing data...I'm really just along for the ride.
Thanx for letting me hang with y'all.
You rock!

Saturday, January 10, 2015

"And the Nominees Are....."

best in industry:
best live music venue
Cosmic Charlie's
Austin City

best music store (instruments)
Guitar Center
Doo Wop

best music company (CD & music sales, labels, agents, arts orgs, etc)
CD Central 
Pops Resale
Long Island Recording

best recording studio/engineer/producer
Sneak Attack/Jason Groves
Elephant Rooms/Erik Nystrom
Media Brain/Matt Ballenger

best music educator (Jay Flippin Music Educator Award)
Paulie Felice
Kevin Holm-Hudson
JD Wright
Ben Davis

best live sound tech
Phil Osborne
Matthew Florez
James Rutledge

best DJ (radio)
Dead Air Dennis -WKQQ
Joe Conkwright - WUKY
Deirdre Ransdell - WLXX

best instrument repair/builders/customization
RS Guitarworks
Currier's Music

best artist in style categories:
Maggie Lander
Michael Johnathon
Carla Gover

Tee Dee Young
Bryan Himes
D Jay Rice

Jay Flippin
Dieter Hennings
Lexington Philharmonic

Corey Kenton
Avery Crabtree
Scott Said & Backroads

Kung Fu Grip
Dublove Reggae Band
Soul Funkin Dangerous

Hybrid the Rapper
Re-education Camp
Drix (Jordan Driskell)

Jazz/Latin/Big Band/World
Big Maracas
DOJO (DiMartino Osland Jazz Orchestra)
Soljam (Palmer Tolly, Robert Trott, Jeana Pillion, Paul Osbourne)

Rhyan Sprague
Sydney Cubit
Kung Fu Grip
Albert Oberst

All the Little Pieces
Grimsley Rose
Zen Highway

Albert Oberst
Sydney Cubit
Rhyan Sprague
Maggie Lander

Cover Band/Variety Act
See Alice
Lexington Lab Band
Radio 80

Song of the Year
"Footsteps" - Albert Oberst
"Know My Name" - Grimsley Rose
"Black Horse" - Avery Crabtree & Josh Brock

best artist in performance categories:
Vocalist (female - any style)
Rhyan Sprague
Sydney Cubit
Mandy Reichert
Julia Knight

Vocalist (male - any style)
Avery Crabtree
Albert Obesrst
Vincent Grino

Vincent Grino
Chad Gravitt
Tony Hammons

Ben Lacy
Todd Stricklin
Keith Flora

Sam Skaggs
Jason Groves
Cody Jones
James Weeks (Richard Twiggenbury)

Kevin Holm-Hudson
Palmer Tolly
Lucas Hippe

Miles Osland
Adaryll Jordan
Skeets Pennington
Chase Clark

Strings (non guitar/bass)
Maggie Lander
Ben Solee
Katie Penn-Williams
Paul Reich
Yoonie Choi

"special" categories:
Community Service 
Woodsongs All Volunteer Crew
Best of the Bluegrass Festival
Kay Foley - photographer

Lifetime Achievement (vote for 4)
Michael Johnathon
Jay Flippin
Bill Monroe
Loretta Lynn
McLain Family Band
Everly Brothers
Russ Farmer (KET)
Ricky Skaggs