Sunday, January 11, 2015


CLARITY: Just wanted to clear a few things up, since its popped up several times (mostly in private messages, but I wanted to respond publicly).
I am the creator of the awards AND the producer of the event. As such...
1) I am NOT eligible for any awards.
2) I do NOT vote during the nominations process.
3) I do NOT vote during the final voting process.
I'm just struggling to put this together into a show and a sustainable program for the purposes listed (above right, under "about"). YOU (musicians, fans, retailers, venues, studios, etc.) choose the nominees and will ultimately be the reason this idea succeeds.
If it fails, well...that's on me. But I have faith that the intelligence of all 670+ of you FAR exceeds any blunders I am certain to make. And have already made.
Pat yourselves on the back. YOU are the real driving force. I'm mostly just organizing data...I'm really just along for the ride.
Thanx for letting me hang with y'all.
You rock!

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