Monday, June 29, 2015

Press Release (Lexi Mission Statements)

The LEXINGTON MUSIC AWARDS are designed to add cohesion and a true sense of community to the local & regional music scene; to help raise the "quality" bar; to educate artists and fans alike on what's going on in the whole music community; integrate Lexington into the wider (national) music scene; and much more.

The Lexi-Fest Concert Series is a spin-off of the Lexi Music Awards, designed to promote artists of all styles in the area, promote the Lexi Music Awards& it's mission, and to (in some cases) raise awareness & money for local charities.

Up-coming Lexi-Fest shows include dates at Natasha's, Cosmic Charlie's, Austin City Saloon, Proud Mary's, and more....all culminating with the 2nd Lexington Music Awards show at the historic Lyric Theatre in February 2016.

For additional info, contact Lexi Awards founder/organizer David McLean (here, on the FB awards page, or

Friday, June 26, 2015

Father's Day event "Lexi-Fest: Day of Music"

That's right.....FIVE locations in 4 central KY cities with about 2 dozen amazing artists. What an awesome day!

Here is a link to some cool photos taken at the 2 Lexington locations:

Bill Meck & David McLean at Willis Music