Saturday, February 21, 2015

T-minus 24 Hours and Counting...Down!

Well, a week ago the weather turned sour...shut Lexington down but good Monday, Tuesday, & Wednesday...with schools out Thursday & Friday, too.

Today is Saturday and I'm inundated with calls, texts, emails, facebooks PMs, and the like....."Are we cancelling? Are we postponing? Will the show go on as planned?"

I can't find the words to express what a feat of trickery and balance it is to coordinate getting all these performers, presenters, and nominees together on ONE day at ONE time. Performers like Tripp and Ben and Miles often gig Sundays, too....about 25% of the nominees won't be present because they have other gigs....presenters like Laura Kirkpatrick (the supermodel from TV who lives in Mexico City, but happened to have scheduled a visit with her parents this weekend and so was available) or Drew Curtis (the "" wizard, founder and CEO of Fark.Com who is also running for governor of the state who just happened to be available this weekend, but is usually not).....

Not to mention the ugly business side of things. Like re-printing posters and programs and whatnot, or purchasing $1,000,000 worth of event insurance for another day. And the intangibles like momentum and perception of success that can impact our ability to pull this off again.

Nope - I'm dug in like an Alabama tick (as Blain Cooper said). Unless the Lyric Theatre closes or the roads are solid ice, we're gonna do this thing.

Counting down, folks. Cross your fingers.

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