Saturday, February 14, 2015

Press Release (January 30, 2015)


My name is David McLean. I'm the creator of the new Lexington Music Awards (which is designed to honor the music community not only in Lexington, KY, but the entire state of KY). I'm also the producer of the First Annual Lexington Music Awards show to be held at the historic Lyric Theater on Sunday, February 22 (6pm) in Lexington, KY.

The LEXI Music Awards (as they're also called) are designed to add cohesion and a true sense of community to the local & regional music scene; to help raise the "quality" bar; to educate artists and fans alike on what's going on in the whole music community; integrate Lexington into the wider (national) music scene; and much more.

We will be honoring all segments of the music community by presenting awards in 30 categories, from "industry" (best live venue, best music retailer, etc), "performance" (best vocal, best guitar, etc), "style" (best rock, best jazz, etc), and "special" (Community Service Award and Lifetime Achievement Awards).

The event will be MC-ed by Kristen Pflum and Bill Meck of WLEX TV-18. Special presenters include Laura Kirkpatrick (of "America's Top Model"), Drew Curtis (CEO of, and performances by jazz sax great Miles Osland, guitar wizard Ben Lacy, and more....presenter guides include Miss KY Teem 2014 Alex Francke, and others.

I'm contacting you today to announce our list of Lifetime Achievement Award winners. They are:

Michael Johnathon (special presenter Dr. Ronald Pen, UK)
Jay Flippin (special presenter Dr. M. Scott McBride, MSU)
Loretta Lynn (special presenter TBA)
Bill Monroe (special presenter Raymond McLain & Ruth McLain-Smith)

In addition, I'm pleased to announce that the "best music educator award" will be renamed the "Jay Flippin Music Educator Award" in honor of late Jay Flippin.

Please feel free to contact me for additional details.

Thank you!

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