Monday, December 27, 2021

Timeline: Run-Up to Awards Day!

As this is written.....

1) Public voting wraps up late this week.

2) Pro panel is already voting and wraps by next week.

3) Early January we announce nominees.

4) January will also see us announce ticket sales, performers, lifetime achievement winners, after-party location, re-list sponsors, and make posters available. We'll also be doing the rounds via local media (radio, TV, etc), to the degree that COVID allows.

5) SUNDAY, February 6, 2022, is the awards show (6-8pm) and our after-party (which are becoming as well known as the awards - haha!) will be roughly 8:30pm until we're kicked out...but usually last a couple of hours!

6) Aside: Still gathering sponsors, but big shout to Highbridge Springs Water, Ale-8, The Botany Bay, Overheard Productions, and Three Chord Bourbon!

7) Hope to have a few surprises coming, too, thanx to our sponsors and our partners in the music industry!

Stay tuned!

1 comment:

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