Wednesday, January 13, 2021

7th Lexi Music Award LIFETIME ACHIEVEMENT Recipients!

As we do each year, we announce the Lifetime Achievement Award recipients in advance of the actual show...and this year we'll also announce the other categories in advance due to the venue restrictions. More on that - award recipients, venue, date, times, etc - very soon!

And so, it is my honor to present to you the 7th Lexi Music Awards recipients for Lifetime Achievement!

Les Taylor
Wallace "Gator" Harrison
Tom Martin
Walter Tunis

Y'all probably know Les from Exile, Gator from running sound for countless acts, Tom from WEKU, and Walter from the Herald-Leader...but there is SO much more to each of these incredible individuals! Complete bios will be coming soon!

Congratulations, gentlemen!


  1. Wow! Each and every one of them is more than deserving of this award!!! I congratulate them all!!!! As Billy Crystal would say, "Fabalos"!!!

  2. Congratulations to my uncle Les. You so deserve this award. So proud of you. Keep on making music.