Monday, January 29, 2024

All Performers at Lexi Music Awards by Year!

Below is a list of all performers at the Lexington Music Awards by year!

A complete list of all Lifetime Achievement Awards can be found HERE.

Miles Olsand (anthem)
Bob Bryant Band
Serena Hutchens
Phoebe White
Tripp Bratton's M'Power Rhythm

house band: Mojo Tones

The Wallace Sisters (national anthem)
Devine Carama & JK-47
Trippin' Roots

house band: The Mojo Tones

Paul M. Osborne (national anthem)
Rags and Riches
The Wallace Sisters
house band: The Mojo Tones


no music - private ceremony of only a few awards due to COVID

Phoebe White
Liza Binford & Vanessa Davis
LaFayette HS Drum Line
Ivy Rye
Whit Whitaker was replaced by Kristy Kirsh due to illness
house band: The Mojo Tones

Kallie Settles (pre-show)

La'Shelle Allen
Rachel Crowe (with Jonathan New & Kenneth Meredith)
Emily Woxihara
Taylor C. Hughes Herbert & Taylor Austin Dye (backed by Paulie Felice)
Lisa Osland & Michaelle Perros
miss Phoebe White 

house band: Ray's Music Exchange. 

preshow by miss Aisley Stuebs.


house band: Ray's Music Exchange

Jessie Laine Powel (anthem)
Hip-Hop Summit: Devine Carama, Rayul, Hallelujah the Don
Osland/Dailey Jazztet
Avery Crabtree
Apotheosis Percussion Duo
Beth Dean 
Sara Holroyd Singers

house band: Twiggenberries

Alan Robinson (anthem)
Sydney Cubit, Rhyan Sinclair, Jeana Pillion (w/ Thomas Suggs)
Blues Harp Summit: Ronn Crowder, David Harrod, G-Busy (Greg Thomerson), Goose Marshall
KY United Pipes & Drums
Hip-Hop Collab w/ Devine Carama, Hybrid the Rapper, Hendrick Floyd

House band: Twiggenberries

Miles Osland
Ben Lacy w/ Alan McKenzie
Blakely Burger & Lucy Becker (w/Fred Kearns)
Heather Parrish w/ Palmer Tolly

Peter J Felice (pre-recorded theme music)
Donald Mason (pre-recorded style themes)

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