Saturday, October 13, 2018

Why #4

4) Use it as both a vehicle for culture and commerce.

Culture drive commerce. And a more unified music community can also help to unify the entire arts community (dance, fashion, visual arts, and more).

The always inspiring Tom Martin made me aware of a study years ago that, to greatly oversimplify, pointed out that culture drives commerce (not the other way around, as is often assumed).

My very first meeting with the good folks at WLEX was with Dave Medley and Chris Fedele, both of whom cited Tom's point early in the conversation. Cited it because they felt (again, oversimplifying their positions greatly for clarity and brevity), an awards program would be a fantastic nexus point through which many other things were possible. Including creating a cycle of culture driving more commerce, which would open more culture opportunities, which in turn drives more commerce, and around and around in a momentum of success, which leads to a later point about the entirety of the arts scene (beyond just the music scene).

Edd Mackey is fabulously responsible for taking the first steps in this direction when he stepped in before our very first show and, like a super-hero, brought local models to be our presenter guides while wearing clothes designed and produced by area fashion designers.

I want to keep this trend moving in the right direction!

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