Saturday, October 13, 2018

Why #6

6) Use it as a vehicle to educate.

If you've been to an awards show, you've seen how different the performance line-up is than any other awards performance lineup anywhere, at any time. Rock, jazz, folk, classical, country, pop, bluegrass, and more! All of us (event organizers to professional players to music fans) get an education on the depth and breadth of not only area music, but music as a whole.

This is a defining characteristic of the original idea for the actual awards show.

It is the area in which (behind the scenes) I received the most resistance, because the idea never sounds as good as the reality (haha!).

But the other-worldly array of talent on the stage at any given awards show thusfar has left the audience stunned. From Miles Osland opening the very first year with a solo sax rendition of the national KY United Pipes & Drums marching in from the back of the theater, through the audience, and falling into form on Ben Lacy & Alan McKenzie shredding through Edgar Winter's "Frankenstein" the Lexington African Drum & Dance Ensemble bringing down the people (who thought they didn't like opera!) standing in amazement at the incredible voice of Clark the Hip Hop Summit (Sheisty, Devine, and Hybrid doing improv-ed spoken word in front of a packed house) an amazing blues harp jam featuring David Harrod, Ronn Crowder, and G the solo cello magic of Yoonie Choi opening the 2018 show, and so much more.

Awards aside, this is a rare chance to see this level of talent and diversity on one stage in a single night!

Pro players to music fans, we are all educated and entertained with every performance!

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