Saturday, October 13, 2018

Why #3

3) Use it as a vehicle for professional development.

Expanding the awards night into a full-blown weekend of professional workshops and clinics covering everything from aspects of the music business (legalities like copyright, publishing, & more) to presentation (from fashion to stagecraft) to expert talks on songwriting, improvisation, future trends, booking tours, and much more.

Heads up to my friend Donald Mason (director of the Lyric Theatre and the man single-handedly responsible for getting us in the Lyric from day one). We need to chat, brother!

The goal is to (very soon) expand the Sunday awards show into, as stated above, a 2 to 3 day event where we have all manner of clinics and workshops for musician. Talks that help us all with every aspect of our careers, from education to instrument maintenance to sound development to music composition to booking tours to creativity drills to marketing to merchandising to the psychology of band dynamics to choosing health-care and much much more.

I'd like to see talks from music educators to agents to attorneys to theater professionals to fashion consultants to long-time pro musicians willing to share their knowledge and experience with everyone in attendance.

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