Friday, December 20, 2019

And the 2020 Lexi Music Award Nominees Are.....

The 6th Lexington Music Awards is coming Sunday, January 26, 2020, at the beautiful Lyric Theatre in downtown Lexington, KY!

The public votes are in and the pro panel votes are in, and in the final round, the nominees ONLY will vote to select award recipients in each PLEASE...we need ALL nominees to contact us at (with your name and what band, venue, store, etc you represent) so we have a valid email to use for voting and all awards-related correspondence.

And your 2020 Lexi Award nominees are......

Industry Section
The Burl
Manchester Music Hall
Cosmic Charlies
Twisted Cork

Music Gear:
DooWop Shop (Lexingon)
Willis Music (Lexington)
Drum Center of Lexington
Willcutt Guitars

Music Business:
Listen Locally
CD Central
Pops Resale
Lexington School for the Recording Arts

Engineer/Recording Studio:
Jason Groves - Sneak Attack Studio
Steve Nall - Long Island Recording
April Edwards - Nitrosonic Recording
Jeff Myers - Tower Station Studio

Music Teacher:
Beth Dean - Studio 88
Kevin Holm-Hudson - UK Dept of Music
Vanessa Davis - Vanessa Davis Studio
Paulie Felice - SDML Academy of Guitar

Live Sound Tech:
Matthew Florez
Wallace "Gator" Harrison
Nolan Dunn
Charlie Gayheart

Radio DJ:
Kenny Cummings - TMV Cafe
Max Corona - WBVX
Deadair Dennis - WKQQ
Twitch - WXZZ

Gear Repair/Building:
RS Guitarworks
Chad Underwood
Willcutt Guitars
Mike Mankel Bourbon Barrel Guitars

Style Section
Trippin' Roots
Eight Daze Sober
Mama Said String Band
The Wooks

Dark Moon Hollow
Mama Said String Band
The Wooks
Restless Leg String Band

Rachel Crowe
Jeremy Short
Cody Lee Meece
Robert Frahm

UK Symphony Orchestra
EKU Guitar Ensemble
Lexington Singers
Lexington Philharmonic

Eight Daze Sober
Tyler Halsey
Sydney Adams
Taylor Hughes

Driftwood Gypsy
Key & the Boys
Joslyn & the Sweet Compression

Devine Carama
Key & the Boys
Sheisty Khrist
Rags and Riches

Jazz/Latin/Big Band/World:
C the Beat
Osborne & Tolly Jazz Duo
Lee Carroll

Heavy Metal:
Graveyard Romeos
All Saints Fade
Black Star Rising

People Planet
Rags and Riches
Vanessa Davis
Wicked Peace

When Autumn Calls
Test Passenger
Them God Damn Bangs

Ivy Rye
Cody Morgan
Rags and Riches
Bedford Band

Cody Morgan
Beth Dean
Samuel May
Vanessa Davis

Cover Band:
Eight Daze  Sober
Radio 80

Performance Section
Female Vocal
Maggie Lander
Courtney Arnold
Taylor Hughes
Chelsea Nolan

Male Vocal:
Deven Roberts
Tanner Whitt
Josh Nolan
Justin Riley & Elijah Jarvis (vocal duo)

Dave Farris
Lane Hume
Skyler Hill
Paul Deatherage

Todd Stricklin
Trevor St. John
Brad Wilson
Dane Sadler

James Weeks
Samuel May
Steve Nall
Danny Cecil

Beth Dean
Ryan Allen
Lee Carroll
Raliegh Dailey

Brad Fowble
Larry Nelson
Matthew Polashek
Paul Osborne

Blakeley Burger
Ishi Wooton
Justin Riley
Seth Murphy

Specials Section
Song of the Year:
Devil Eyes - Eight Daze Sober
Speed of Sound - Rags & Riches
Good Old Days - Brantley Slone, Carter Maynard, Harley Davidson
Life Is Good  - Ivy Rye

Album of the Year:
Kingtucky 2 - Devine Carama
Arrival - Rags & Riches
Carry the Water - Mama Said String Band
Derelicts & Aberrations - All Saints Fade

Community Service Award:
March Madness Marching Band
Ted Messer
Room 17 Productions
Devine Carama Believing in Forever

Critics Choice:
Lark Watts
LaFayette Marching Band
March Madness Marching Band

Lifetime Achievement:

We'll announce ticket info, performers list, Lifetime Achievement recipients, after-party location, and more...soon!


  1. another year that nothing electronic whatsoever is mentioned. I see keyboard mentioned in the performance section, but that is as close as it gets.
    - Lexington has Internationally touring dj's.
    - Lexington has Nationally touring djs
    - Lexington is home to at least 2 award winning electronic music producers, probably more.
    - Lexington has at least 2 clubs that host dance music / edm events at least 2-3 times a month each.

    DJ's and producers like Dustin Tio Burke, Jon Dose, SONIK, Corduroy Mavericks, Crayns, Ellie Herring probably love putting in all that work and not getting a single bit of credit in their hometowns

  2. Thank you for making a point of this (and including me). I don't find fault with the lack of inclusion because we probably need to get that category added somehow. Ramon Wells, my label boss, worked at the Grammy's for 30 years and was behind the inclusion of the dance section as a legitimate category. We should talk to him and the people behind these awards about how to expand them to include Electronic musicians because you are absolutely right about the amount of talent around town. I'm down to help.

  3. Howdy, guys!
    We are all for expanding the awards and, of course, have been since the very beginning. Each year we've added categories and would love to add DJs, EDM, etc to the categories.
    At present, we're entering year number 6 and this year features the first year of both punk and metal categories.
    Would love to chat with you both about the electronic musician community in Lexington and central KY, and the mechanics of adding the category as soon as possible.
    I can be reached via email or phone, or just come on by the awards show and the awards after-party later this month.
    Thanx for your input and hoping we can make this happen soon!