Monday, December 1, 2014


Welcome to the new "Lexington Music Awards" blog...the on-line home (in concert with the LEXI Facebook Group) for the newly established Lexington Music Awards, a.k.a. the Lexi Awards.

Here is a post on my personal blog detailing some of how this came about (then still referred to as the KY Music Awards).

Here is the stated purpose of the awards program:

The LEXINGTON MUSIC AWARDS are designed to add cohesion and a true sense of community to the local & regional music scene; to help raise the "quality" bar; to educate artists and fans alike on what's going on in the whole music community; integrate Lexington into the wider (national) music scene; and much more.

At I write this, we've had the FB group under 2 weeks and the event page only a week or so, and the group has 339 members, the event 150 confirmed guests with 44 maybes. Yes, the grew out of control very quickly (hahaha!). The cynic in me says it did so because - at their lowest - awards play to the ego. The optimist in me says because we've all been craving something to help unite the Lexington music scene, and this smells like it has great potential. Deep down, I'm sure it's a bit of both, but I hope the latter prevails when it counts. I urge YOU to help make that a reality.

This started with the idea that we'd put 50 to maybe 75 people in one room and get a little press and show that we could run a viable program so the non-profit arts orgs would consider taking up the reins. Now estimates range, but we're looking at a venue to hold at least 500 people. Maybe a thousand. Go figure.

Nominations will be done via the group & non-FB folks from the community, by sending an email directly to me with your suggestions when we start accepting submissions.

Here are the categories (with the caveat that we may tweak these further before we begin accepting submissions).

best in industry:

best live music venue
best music store (instruments)
best music company (CD & music sales, labels, agents, arts orgs, etc)
best recording studio/engineer/producer
best music educator
best live soundman
best video
best DJ (radio)
best instrument repair/builders/customization

best artist in style categories:
Jazz/Latin/Big Band/World
Cover Band/Variety Act
Song of the Year

best artist in performance categories:

Best new talent
Vocalist (male - any style)
Vocalist (female - any style)
Strings (non guitar/bass)


Lifetime Achievement
Community Service (over-broad category to cover benefits & other events, ultra-fans, and more)

Please ponder these....and then I look forward to your feedback!

- David


  1. Lexington Music Awards are really awesome I join this one time with my uncle that is a musician in my area.Looking to know more about these awards.

  2. Thanks for sharing regarding Lexington Music Awards. I am fan of these awards and love to join this again.I also get a sponsored studio headphones last time when i go there in award ceremony.