Thursday, December 4, 2014

How to Produce a Show that Costs $15,000 for $500.

The LEXI Award is an excellent idea. I'm not being arrogant - I didn't make up the idea of an awards show. And I'm sure I'm not the first to suggest it for Lexington.

I mention it because this blew up out of control - from the idea of 50+ people at Natasha's to already (3 months out) having over 150 confirmed guests (no counting nominees and their guests). That means we went from needing next to no budget (I was gonna cover physical awards out of pocket and use the cover charge to recoup my loss and hope to break even) to needing enough to rent a venue, get food & drinks catered, stage/lights/sound and techs to deliver, set up, and run them, insurance, security, a ticket selling system, booking musical acts, securing MCs and presenters, writing script, community & press outreach.....and WAY more. all the stuff that goes along with producing an event.

Like money.

So how am I gonna do it?

I have trust in the idea. That's how. I truly believe that if we get word out to the community, we'll either get sponsors to provide the cash to get this thing moving, or we'll have everything we need donated.

I have that much trust in YOU.

UP-DATE (12-5): I've been chatting with some folks now at local TV & local radio & local print/web media. The community outreach begins....

UP-DATE ( week before the show): Our sponsorship is pretty good. Here they are:

Jami Desrosiers
Travis Warnken
David Miller
David Cubine
Bob and Carol Stange
Paulie Felice
Jennifer Brocato
Kimber Douthitt
Paula Thomas
Patrick Morley
Joshua McLean
Kevin Holm-Hudson
Shawn Reaves
Adam McLean

Bronze Sponsor:
Sarah Jennison
Integrated Sign & Graphic ISG
Kay Foley

Gold Sponsors:
Beaumont UPS Store
Classic Rock 921 WBVX
Crowne Trophy of Lexington
Drum Center of Lexington
Harrod Concrete & Stone
Lexington Diner
Pinot's Palette
You Can Only Imagine

Elite Sponsors:
Lyric Theatre

On-line fundraiser has hit $1500, direct is another roughly $1500, donated services add WAY up, and if we sell out we might actually break even.

And you can read elsewhere about our musical acts, presenters, presenter guides, and MCs!

Not too shabby, eh?

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