Wednesday, November 11, 2020

PUBLIC BALLOT active now

BALLOT LINK BELOW.......(Note: read THIS for explanation on the radically condensed categories for this year - from 30+ to just the 5 below).

You'll be prompted to fill in name, phone, & email....and then you'll be asked for nominees in the following categories:

Song of the Year

Album of the Year

Community Service Award

Lifetime Achievement

We will also have our panel vote on a Critics Choice Award

We hope all will be back to normal by next year, so we'll have the 2022 awards back to 30+ categories, live event at the beautiful Lyric Theatre in downtown Lexington, KY (with musical performances and all the other splendor of past events), after-party, and much more! For now, it isn't as good as what you any of you deserve, but this is the best we can manage.


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