Sunday, March 15, 2020

Virality & Memetic Behavior

“Waves are not measured in feet or inches, they are measured in increments of fear.” - Buzzy Trent

From an actual virus to viral behaviors, everyone has quickly and inescapably begun to feel the impact of what the World Health Organization declared, just a few days ago, a "global pandemic".

Locally, we've seen schools close, events cancelled, and panicked stockpile buying at Big Box stores and, unfortunately, a dramatic decrease in attendance at mom-n-pop establishments, from music venues to restaurants to coffee shops to smaller retail outlets....which threatens not only the hourly wage earners, but the owners, performers, sound-techs, and more....and, by extension, the entire community.

Everyone is being effected, but here at the Lexi Music Awards & Lexi-Fest Concert Series, we just want to give solemn nod to our brothers & sisters in the music & arts community (and the entire support structure for that community) as we all figure out how to navigate this swiftly changing landscape.

But it is noted that venues are now doing no-audience streaming concerts; eateries have moved to take-out & curb-side service, individual artists are employing play-by-request videos, live streaming "living room concerts", chat-room based open mics, and the like; music instructors resorting to technology for a platform-various "virtual lessons"; and much more.

So there is a ray of sunshine in this stressful time.

This piece at SD Universe expresses our concerns, and we hope everyone - while traversing the rough waters of our personal struggles in this time - takes time to reach out to our music peers and neighbors who also need a hand.

Stay strong.

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