Friday, February 1, 2019

5th Lexi Music Awards Wrap-Up

Ben Lacy & TeeDee Young Awards

Sunday, January 28, 2019......what an amazing day.  What an amazing evening.

In addition to the 30+ awards given, we saw 5 Lifetime Achievement awards given (including a posthumous award given to Jerrod Figgs). We saw a tie in the horn category (recipients were Michael Cruse & Paul M. Osborne), the Jay Flippin Music Educator Award went to Paulie Felice, the first Ben Lacy Guitar Award went to Ross Whitaker, and the first TeeDee Young Award for Blues Excellence went to Rachel Crowe. The community chose the late Freddie Moore (of Fred Moore Music) for the Community Service Award and our panel chose  Chester Grundy for the Critics Choice Award.

See the entire list of award recipients HERE.

Backstage: Angelee, Missy, & Teresa

The show, hosted by Angie Beavin LEX 18 and Bill Meck, featured incredible music performances, starting with a stunning rendition of the national anthem sung by La'Shelle Allen. Eye opening & jaw dropping performances followed from Rachel Crowe (with Jonathan New & Kenneth Meredith), Emily Woxihara, Taylor C. Hughes Herbert & Taylor Austin Dye (backed by Paulie Felice), Lisa Osland & Michaelle Perros, miss Phoebe White, and our house band Ray's Music Exchange. Attendees were even treated to music in the lobby care of miss Aisley Stuebs.

None of it would happen without our sponsors - especially two who have been with us all 5 years: Ginny Saville & The Botany Bay and David Harrod & Harrod Concrete & Stone....and our media partners WLEX & Lexington Herald-Leader Shouts to Max Corona & our friends at LM Communication, Lexington Community Radio, WUKY, as well as You Can Only Imagine, Collins Consulting Group, Michael R Cavitt & KentuckyJams, Nothing Bundt Cakes (Lexington-Southwest, KY), Highbridge Springs, and Ale-8-One.

Huge hugs to Ranada Riley & Ranada's Bistro and Bar for hosting our after-party!
High-five to Drew Curtis, Autumn Barber, Max Corona, and all our other fabulous presenters (we’re actually re-grouping to get all their names now) well as our fashion designers, the beautiful presenter guides, and everyone at Lexington Fashion Collaborative (both Edd MacKey & Caroline Powell have been with us all 5 years, and we are much better for their tireless optimism, energy, & vision).
Phoebe White!

11th hour video save by Jay Hamon! Thanx to Phillip Osborne & Doo Wop Shop for gear rentals. As always, an incredible job from Damien on posters, programs, and delivering amazing photos....and Kay Foley who is always there, camera in hand and smile on face!

This year was a “Celebration of Women in Music” and in addition to all female performer line-up, we had an all women professional panel consisting of Letitia Allen, Mary Clark, April Edwards, Kristy Kirsh, Lin Auer, & Jessie Laine Powell.

In addition to my opening comments on WHY we do this, I must take a moment to thank several key people who have made this endeavor what it is, and several new to us who will help take us to the next level.

First and foremost, my hat is off to Marcie Timmerman. I can’t begin to say enough...from marketing to logistics to every tiny detail that zooms over my head. She is amazing. Period. Without her there would be no show.

Radio Ladies presenting awards!
Donald Mason of the Lyric for getting us in such a beautiful room with such an amazing staff & crew from the very first year....and extra shout to Edd from LFC who called me before the first show & whose input made me look like I have a clue as to what I’m doing....and my Lexi-Fest partner Angelee Feltner for stage management and putting up with my disorganized mind!

Eric & Rachel from Lexenomics took us on as a project year #2 and have stood with us ever since....and keep us on the straight and narrow for sure, while providing much needed moral support!

So happy to have met Leo C. Brown and Pamula Drake Hounchell.....and eager to see where things will go from here!

And YOU....the public who supports us by voting, by attending, & more importantly, by supporting the venues, the music shops, the performers, and everyone else in the Lexington area by showing up, by spending your hard earned cash on tickets & cover prices & merch & drinks & CDs & instruments & more.

And, though there are many others I need to thank, we have to wrap it up so I can get back to the budget and get everyone paid before they show up at my doorstep with pitchforks and torches! More soon, folks....and thank you all from the bottom of my heart.

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