Thursday, November 15, 2018

5th Lexi Awards "Women in Music" Theme

Our over-arching theme for the 2019 Lexi Music Awards will be ""Women in Arts & Music".

As such, we are implementing several things, including

1) The Twiggenburys (our house band) will be replaced this year by a female-fronted or all-female act (auditioning acts now).

2) All of our musical performances at the awards show (Sunday, January 27 at the Lyric Theatre) will be female or female-fronted acts.

3) Our pro panel is going to be exclusively female.

4) We're even looking at businesses that are female owned and/or operated to be our sponsors.

5) And, of course, Edd MacKey from the Lexington Fashion Collaborative will be bringing young ladies to work as presenter guides (though this year will also be the first year we will have a few male presenter guides), who will be wearing clothing designed and made by local (female) designers.

More announcements soon!

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