Friday, December 30, 2016

Nominees for 2017 Announced!

Care of the Lexington Herald-Leader....the nominees for the 3rd Lexington Music Awards!

"...The nominees for the third annual Lexington Music Awards have been announced, with some additional categories and modifications to the nominating process.

Chief among the category additions is album of the year, recognizing an active recording scene in Lexington. Also, each category now includes a nominee from a professional panel in addition to nominees selected by popular vote, and there is now a critic’s pick award...."


Female vocalist: Beth Mankel, Rachel Crowe, Lissy Taylor, Gail Wynters

Male vocalist: Randy Warner, Deven Roberts, Shawn Hatchell, Corey Cross

Drummer: Rick Warner, Jeff Frohlich, Ryan McQuerry, Robby Cosenza

Guitarist: Todd Stricklin, Cliff Jones, Zach Lafferty, Ben Lacy

Bassist: Roddy Puckett, Robert Trott, Steve Nall, Danny Cecil

Keyboardist: Palmer Tolly, Raleigh Dailey, Beth Mankel, Lucas Hippe

Wind/brass: Miles Osland, Paul Osbourne, Kenny Henry, ToniMarie Marchioni

Strings: Maggie Lander, Jesse Wells, Arthur Hancock, Ben Sollee


Song of the year: “County Girl” by The Wooks, “Back to You” by Ray & Whitney, “Don’t Tread on Me” by Wild Card, “Kentucky Bound” by Greg Austin

Album of the year: “Little Circles,” The Wooks; “Legend of Lavinia Fisher,” All The Little Pieces; “Postcards to Myself,” Eric Bolander; “Heavy Makes You Happy,” Warren Byrom

Community Service: EaLoud, Songwriter’s Round (Twisted Cork), Devine Carama (Believing in Forever), WUKY

Critic’s Choice Award: University of Kentucky’s Wildcat Pep/Marching Band, Robby Cosenza, The Bats


Folk: Tyler Childers, Ray Adams, Whitney Acke, Michael Johnathon

Blues: Tee Dee Young, Ronn Crowder, Rachel Crowe, Nick Stump

Classical: Lexington Philharmonic, Beth Mankel, Yoonie Choi, Lexington Singers

Country: Avery Crabtree, The Wooks, Taylor Hughes, Greg Austin

Funk/Reggae: Dublove Reggae Band, Driftwood Gypsy, Prime Cut, DeBraun Thomas Trio

Hip-hop: Hybrid-the-Rapper, Devine Carama, Cream Enetrprises, Fredd C

Jazz: Miles Osland, Soljam, Young at Heart, Raleigh Dailey

Pop: Lissy Taylor, Beth Mankel, Rhyan Sinclair, Ben Sollee

Rock: Grimsley Rose, Bent Penny Band, Graveyard Romeos, Radio 80

Singer-songwriter: Taylor Hughes, Lissy Taylor, Tyler Childers, Warren Byrom

Cover Band: Graveyard Romeos, Bent Penny Band, Lexington Lab Band, Rebel Without a Cause


Venue: Twisted Cork, The Burl, Austin City Saloon, Willie’s

Store: Willcutt Guitars, Willis Music, Doo Wop Shop, Don Wilson Music

Company: CD Central, Pops Resale, Cream Enterprises, The Album

Studio: Sneak Attack (Jason Groves), Charlie’s Tone Lab (Michael Vandermark), Long Island Recording (Steve Nall), Third Sky Studio (Richard Easterling)

Educator: Rob Rawlings (BCHS), Beth Mankel (Studio 88), Sara Holroyd (UK), Bill Kite (HCHS)

Live sound: Wallace “Gator” Harrison, Matthew Florez, James Rutledge, Phillip Osbourne

DJ: Kenny Cummings, Max Corona, Deadair Dennis, Jay Alexander

Gear Repair: RS Guitarsworks, Willcutt Guitars, Hurst Music, Audio Electronics

Lifetime Achievement

(five winners will be chosen)

Gail Wynters

Les Taylor

Greg Austin

Sara Holroyd

Larry Redmon

John Michael Montgomery

Dwight Yoakam

Nick Lawrence

Merle Travis

Homer Ledford

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