Monday, August 22, 2016

Lexi-Fest FESTIVAL: Up-dates....

MUSIC, food & drink specials, prizes & giveaways, fire arts, and more!

MC-ed by the Mighty Max Corona of Classic Rock 921 WBVX and one of our friends from WLEX-TV, Lexi-Fest Festival is a multi-artist, multi-genre event. Rock, hip-hop, country, pop, jazz, bluegrass, classical, fusion, world.....and more!

Sponsored by Thompson Law Office & The Botany Bay, with WLEX-TV,Classic Rock 921 WBVX, and the Lexington Herald-Leader.

Tickets only $10!

Performances by:

The McLain Family Band
Osland/Dailey Jazztet (featuring Miles Osland and Raleigh Dailey)
Alan Robinson
Devine Carama
Soljam Band - Soulful, Jazzy - Covers & Originals (Palmer Tolly Robert Trott Paul M. Osborne Jeana Pillion)
Beth Dean
Taylor C. Hughes
Rhyan Elizabeth Sinclair
Lissy Taylor
GFYEntertainment (with Young Twilight , Kingsley Marshall, Trap Da Vo , Marley Gee)
Huck's Creek (w/ Blakeley Burger & friends)
Red Car Bad Car (w/ Slade Warnken & friends)
SongByrds (w/ Eliza Sayers)
Marcus L. Wilkerson Percussion Ensemble VAGABOND FIRE
Paulie Felice with special guest Mallory Lennon
Gone to the Dogs
Daisy Helmuth
Logan Smith
Driftwood Gypsy
..............and more!

LEXI-FEST Concert Series is a spin-off of the Lexington Music Awards - LEXI. The events are multi-artist and multi-genre, and designed to 1) display the high-quality talent throughout the region, 2) spread the word about the Lexi Music Awards, 3) provide community, exposure, and networking opportunities for the artists, 4) provide hands-on experience to those intersted in working in the music industry, and more!

Produced by Skinny Devil Music Lab & Feltner Artist Development and Management with EKU's Music Industry Organization and Third Sky Studio.

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    (a *** denotes Lexi nominee or winner)
    2pm - MC opening announcements
    2:20 - Logan Smith
    2:40 - Red Car Bad Car
    3pm - Taylor Hughes ***
    3:20 - Driftwood Gypsy
    3:40 - Rhyan Sinclair ***
    4pm - Alan Robinson
    4:20 - Huck's Creek
    4:40 - Beth Dean ***
    5pm - GFY Entertainment ***
    5:20 - Gone to the Dogs
    5:40 - Songbyrds
    6pm - Osland/Dailey Jazztet ***
    6:20 - Vagabond Fire
    6:40 - Paulie Felice/Mallory Lennon ***
    7pm - McLain Family Band ***
    7:20 - Lissy Taylor
    7:40 - Devine Carama ***
    8pm - PointSeven
    8:20 - Daisy Helmuth
    8:40 - Soljam ***